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Book Trigger Warnings makes no guarantee that our pages are complete or valid. Any information you find on Book Trigger Warnings may be inaccurate, misleading, or unethical. Use Book Trigger Warnings at your own risk.

Book Trigger Warnings was created to help people find information such as triggers/tropes in a book and controversies about authors, but it is still an online collaborative community wiki. Anyone with an account can alter the content on our pages and as such we do not guarantee that our material is accurate or reliable. We are not medical professions and make no claim that books listed are 100% safe for anyone, especially those who are adversely affected by specific book content.

Content found on Book Trigger Warnings is not intended to censor nor police authors or their writing. Furthermore, a trigger warning listed on our site deals with the content found in the book, not the book itself. For example, a warning for "racism" is a claim that there is racism present in the book between characters, not a claim that the book itself (or author) is racist.

Our site contains sections dedicated to controversies about a book and/or its author(s). As such, it will naturally contain information that is objectionable. While we aim to provide outside sources for any controversies listed on our site, it is with the understanding that these outside sources will likely contain biases and inaccuracies. Additionally, since Book Trigger Warnings is a community platform, there will be times where sources may be missing or false. The purpose of this section is to allow viewers to decide whether or not they want to read a book based on things being said about it. It is NOT for people to use as a reason for harassment of ANY kind. We cannot be held responsible for what readers choose to do with this content.

Along with controversies, each book page also contains a section dedicated to representation. While we try to make it clear which representation is #ownvoices, we make no claim on the accuracy or validity of how these representations appear in the book. Having a book/series/author/etc. listed on our site does not mean we endorse or support their ideas in any way.

While we encourage users to add trustworthy information and edit inaccuracies in our pages, it is no one's legal responsibility to fact check any of our content. Because users can change our content at any given time, it is entirely possible that you may view a page shortly after someone has edited it incorrectly. We, and our users, are not responsible for any inaccuracies or libelous information that may appear on our website.

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