Breaker of Fates by Vaela Denarr and Micah Iannandrea

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Breaker of fates Broken song Verse 1
Cover of Breaker of Fates by Vaela Denarr and Micah Iannandrea
Author(s) Vaela Denarr and Micah Iannandrea
Published 31st of January 2024
Publisher Vaela & Micah Books
Genre(s) Fantasy
Age group Adult

The Broken Song Duology is a story about queer grief, trauma, forgiveness and finding your place in the world. The planned release for Verse 1 is 31st of January 2024, and for Verse 2 1st of June 2024.

The book focuses on a polyamorous relationship with a w/m/m polycule consisting of two bisexuals and their pansexual transmasc boyfriend. The genre is Adventure Fantasy with a romantic sub-plot.

originally published the 31st of January 2024

Content Warnings (Available in the book as well)

Author Provided Warnings

The following content notes are provided inside the book:

References to: death by fire; romantic and sexual entanglements; mass death; refugee crisis;

Mentions of: fantasy violence and fantasy violence perpetrated by animals; fantasy warfare and politics; religiously motivated persecution; traumatic and disabling events; self-harm ideation; self destructive tendencies; cannibalism; blood and bloodletting; cosmetic scarring; amnesia; undeath, dismemberment of the undead, slight gore and slight eye gore;

On-page depictions of: robbery; fantasy violence; *captivity; loss of home to disaster; death and death of loved ones; trauma; interrogation; complex and complicated relationships; childhood trauma; PTSD; blood; romance, flirting, and innuendo; kissing; sexual entanglements (non-graphic, Chapter 24); teenage substance use; anger; unreality and loss of memory; *captivity, abuse, and attempted human sacrifice; humans devoured by large animals;


An asterisk (*) indicates that the author openly identifies with that identity.

  • Bisexual and pansexual MCs*
  • Transgender MC*
  • Lesbian supporting characters*
  • Nonbinary supporting characters*
  • Asexual supporting characters*
  • Fat supporting character
  • Queerplatonic relationship
  • Mostly characters of colour (though not trying to be indicative of any one culture)
  • Mental Health issues (grief, anger, conflict, regret, trust issues)
  • PTSD*
  • ADHD*
  • Disability in the form of amputation, visual impairment (MC), TBI (MC) and visual hallucinations (MC)
  • Pluralism adjacent characters (mental connection of dragons)


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