Livid Skies by SI CLARKE

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Livid Skies
Cover of Livid Skies by SI CLARKE
Author(s) SI CLARKE
Published January 2021
Publisher White Hart Fiction
Genre(s) Science Fiction
Age group General Adult

Livid Skies is a hard science fiction novel originally published in 2021. It is the second book in the White Hart series.

Trigger Warnings

Author-Provided Warnings

The following warnings were personally added by the author:

  • Pandemic

  • Domestic violence and emotional manipulation

  • Suicide
  • Injury by fire
  • Conversations and arguments about contentious topics, including: religion, politics, capital punishment

  • Pregnancy, miscarriage, and babies 

Also, please note that trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-binary people are who they tell you they are. This book is not for TERFs.

Additional Trigger Warnings

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  • Lesbian characters
  • Gay characters
  • Aro-ace character
  • Trans characters
  • Pansexual characters
  • Autistic character
  • Characters of many different races, ethnicities, and religions


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