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Sample Page
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Author(s) Book Trigger Warnings
Published February 30, 2020
Genre(s) Horror
Age group Adult

The following page is a sample created to help users with their formatting. To get a better grasp on how to use the code editor to create/edit pages, please click the "View Source" button above. Things listed in red are general tips.

All page names should follow the format BookName by Author(s). When filling out pages, keep the page as SPOILER-FREE and NEUTRAL-TONED as possible.

Sample Page by Book Trigger Warnings is a book that is completely made up and doesn't exist, originally published February 30, 2020.

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Trigger Warnings

To view more details about a given item, click the "Expand" button beside it. Please note that these details may include spoilers.

  • List trigger warnings alphabetically here. If you wish to include details about the given trigger, include them under the "Expand" option. Remember, even details should be as spoiler-free as possible.
  • The entire book is blank
  • Paranormal creatures
    Anything you put here will be under the "Expand". This area is for more details involving the given warning/trope.


An asterisk (*) indicates that the author openly identifies with that identity.

  • List representation that you can find in the book. Whenever possible, indicate if that rep is from a main or side character, listing main character rep first. If the author openly identifies with the identity given, put an asterisk next to it. Do NOT use this section as a reason to out or police any author's identity
  • Black-American main character
  • Filipino-American side character*
  • Pansexual side character*
  • F/F romance (side characters)


  • List tropes alphabetically here. If the trope involves a spoiler, you can list it using the "Expand" option. A list of currently recognized tropes can be found here.
  • Love triangle

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  • Some argue that since this book is not real, it is a waste of time to read it. [1]
  • List controversies about the book and/or author here. These should be written in a neutral tone. Make sure you provide a source! This section should be used sparingly as it is only for wide-spread/well-known/well-documented issues. As a result it is no longer included in the template for new pages and must instead be added.


  • This section should be included whenever you cite a reference in an article.