The Blood Prince by Josie Jaffrey

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The Blood Prince
Cover of The Blood Prince by Josie Jaffrey
Author(s) Josie Jaffrey
Published February 20, 2019
Publisher Silver Sun Books
Genre(s) Fantasy
Age group Young Adult

The Blood Prince by Josie Jaffrey is a young adult fantasy novel, originally published on February 20, 2019. It is the third book in the Sovereign series and the ninth book in The Silverse series.

Trigger Warnings

Author-Provided Warnings

  • Post-apocalyptic setting; humanity has been mostly wiped out by a virus that turns them into zombie-like creatures. Small communities of humans are isolated from the abandoned outside world, which is considered contaminated.
  • General warning for violence.
  • General warning for blood/gore, including blood drinking, description of injuries, zombie-like creatures, dead bodies.
  • One of the main settings is a city controlled by vampires where humans are considered servants/slaves. Issues of power disparity/class divide/consent under slavery discussed briefly.
  • No racism, no homophobia (main character relationships are F/M and M/M), no ableism, no animal cruelty, no misogyny.
  • No sex; some kissing (teen appropriate).
  • Some swearing (up to and including ‘fuck’ but not frequent).
  • Blood drinking as sexual/pleasurable behaviour.
  • A main character tortures minor character for information.
  • A main character finds out she was conceived by rape.
  • A main character is temporarily, and side character permanently, under control of sadist; he injures them, keeps them locked in his house, and emotionally manipulates them. Main character subjected to emotional abuse disguised as romance.
  • A side character is a mother who had her baby stolen at birth.
  • A side character has a difficult childbirth; not graphic, mother and baby fine afterwards.
  • Minor characters whose mouths have been sewn up.

Additional Trigger Warnings

  • Body horror
  • Murder
  • Sexual assault


An asterisk (*) indicates that the author openly identifies with that identity.

  • Gay main character